Gloria Sanchez Jackson

GLORIA SANCHEZ JACKSON is a native of California who resides in Sacramento with her husband, William Ludington, nineteen koi and one turtle. Her artwork has been exhibited in California, New York and Chicago. She has received many awards and is included in the collections of California State University, Sacramento, Crocker Art Gallery, University of California at Davis, as well as many private collections. Her work will be exhibited at City Arts Gallery in San Francisco.

I have had a lifelong interest in poetry, since it is a good teacher, goes to the core of meaning, and can reveal realities of the spirit. My fascination with painting is that it always takes me to the unknown and to the mysterious. As James Elkins points out in his book What Painting Is, painting is alchemy. I am profoundly interested in changes, strange mutations, and the unexpected. I like to make art that surprises me. I enjoy working on a painting not knowing the destination, not knowing how the disparities and conflicts within the work will be realized, not knowing how the resolution will present itself.
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TIMES TEN: An Anthology of Northern California Poets