Jamie Irons

JAMIE IRONS graduated from Yale University in 1969 with a degree in molecular biology and biophysics. After internship at the University of Oregon, he and his wife, Nina Schwartz, M.D., crossed the continent on bicycles, traveled to North Africa, and returned to work as general practitioners in the Navajo Nation. After further studies at UCLA, where Irons was a Clinical Scholar, the two finally settled down in the Napa Valley. There they have raised four sons.

The Poems:

On Hearing, But Not Seeing, a Cardinal
A Second Reading of The Book of Tea
Celestial Mechanics and the I
Mowing the Field, I Spare Convolvulus,
Blue-Eyed Grass, Wild Iris, Wild Hyacinth
Spring Equinox Spent at Planned Parenthood
Fourteen Lines for Elijah by the Sea
Motion in Three-Space, Motion in the Plane
Beautiful River
Finding the Complex Roots of Unity
After the Shipwreck, Crawling Back to You
The Calculus of Variation Holds

TIMES TEN: An Anthology of Northern California Poets