Of Madrid

It is late afternoon, tardes, and I am sleeping.
A ringing telephone and the propellers of the fan
are whitewashed by many layers of rest.
In the enamel sink, the golden cat hunkers down
with his appetite for dreams.
A child rocks on grandmother's brown knee.
Grandfather's eyelids succumb to the wine,
his sweat-beaded head is a hat of jewels.

Spring flickered for a day then gave in
to the heat of imagination.
The sun is a pearl cutting through the smoking sky
the painter from Toledo understood.
On the Gran Vía
sausage chandeliers dangle at the Museo del Jamón.
Lobsters sink into their pre-doom siesta.
Tapas skewered by toothpick banderillas
will be obsessively aligned on the bar.
This country, like the tortoise of Fiesta, retreats into itself,
before the evening fury.


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