13 suppositions about the ubiquitous

Suppose your life were a body.
Suppose in the middle of the body you began to die.

Suppose your life lost all its hungers, and in the minute you were
full and not desiring, you noticed a voice from the inner ear
singing names.
Suppose you listened to yourself.

Suppose you suddenly budded wings, and you were lifted above earth
and you looked down to see your kin looking for you.
Suppose the body is a new lesson.

Supposing middle.

Suppose the curiosity of a child imagining through clothes is first
evidence of dying.
Suppose your body wants another's, but will only come into it for what is
a long minute each time.

Suppose you suddenly bud wings, and you lift yourself over earth
and look back to see your kin looking for you, but you are not yourself.
Suppose you are listening.

Suppose in the middle of your body you begin to die.
Suppose the body the beginning.


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